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“Michael is an excellent acting teacher and coach, and has helped me grow exponentially as an actor.” RJ Mitte, Star of "Breaking Bad"
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Actors say…

RJ MitteStar of “Breaking Bad”MITTE“Michael is an excellent acting teacher and coach, and has helped me grow exponentially as an actor.  I’ve coached with Michael for some time now, and he is a pleasure to work with.”

Tyler Posey – Star of “Teen Wolf”“I’ve been to a handful of acting coaches and classes, but the person I have stuck with and will continue to go back to is Michael Laskin. I’ve honestly noticed the biggest progression in my work since I started going to Michael.  He’s helped me with every audition I’ve had the past year and a half. A great thing about going to Michael for auditions is that he teaches me techniques I would have never discovered on my own that I apply to the audition, and every time I am on set. But in the simplest terms, Michael is the man – someone who really knows what he’s doing, and someone who gives me insight on something new every time I see him.”

Camilla Luddington – Star of “Grey’s Anatomy”“Michael Laskin has been my acting coach for a while now, and in that time I have noticed such a difference in my approach to my work both in and out of the room. When we coach there’s so much give and take with your own personal ideas that you feel as though you’re both creatively attacking the material together, and not just being directed as I have experienced with other coaches. And, the results speak for themselves.”

Kylie Bunbury – “Tut,” “Under The Dome,” “Twisted” Kylie Bunbury“After just working with Michael Laskin once, I find myself still using his methods all the time. With Mr. Laskin’s encouraging and kind way of teaching I am exceedingly comfortable being vulnerable in ways I feel I could not have achieved before. Now remembering all of this, I want to go back and learn more immediately!”

Liam McIntyre – Star of “The Legend of Hercules”, and “Spartacus:  War of the Damned”“Michael has been a revelation in my audition process – insightful, concise and focused, I’ve found my confidence in the room has never been higher after working through a scene with him.”

Storm Large – “Crazy Enough,” “Rock Star: Supernova” Storm Large“I’m a musician by trade, but what I do is definitely theatrical. When I recently started auditioning for film and television, I didn’t need a coach I needed a ninja! Michael Laskin is both. Michael gets you so comfortable with whatever is required, which creates real confidence. Can’t put a price on that. After an hour with him, you know you’ve got it. You KNOW you’ve got it.”

Damon Dayoub – Star of “Stitchers”, “NCIS”DD“Michael Laskin, and his teachings, have helped me immensely. He taught me the importance of bringing my unique self to every character I play. To challenge myself and never to be afraid of failing. He is my one and only coach, my confidante and my friend. I recommend that if you’re an actor, create an opportunity to work with him. You’ll grow as an actor and a person.”

Brooke Markham – Series Regular “Guidance”BrookeM copy“What would I do without Michael Laskin and the Michael Laskin Studio? I have trained with and been directed by some of the top teachers and directors in this country and overseas, and I can say without hesitation that Michael Laskin soars on top with the rest of them. He has the innate ability to pluck out the authentic gems within each individual actor. He’s made me realize my strength and uniqueness, and to celebrate that without question. Most importantly, he’s given me an incredible community of wonderful people. That is the biggest gift.”

Tyne Stecklein – “CSI,” “Burlesque,” “Body of Proof”Tyne Stecklein“I was not a very confident actor, until I started coaching with Michael Laskin. He gave me the boost I needed to walk into an audition and feel great about myself and the material. I leave every session feeling more connected to the material, and confident that I will book the job. I just recently had multiple callbacks for the lead in a feature due to Michael’s coaching. I continue to grow as an actor every time I work with Michael Laskin.”

Leslie-Anne Huff – “Cowgirls and Angels,” “NCIS,” “Bones”Leslie-Anne Huff“When I started coaching with Michael, I had given up on classes and teachers. But he was a breath of fresh air, helping me cultivate my own creative voice. I always leave feeling confident and prepared, but also empowered! Since working with him, I’ve booked a huge role in a feature and a top-of-show guest star. I’ve gotten so much positive feedback from casting that my agents have been asking “What changed?” Michael’s coaching happened. I highly recommend this upstanding guy!”

James Shippy – “Southland”“Michael really simplified the auditioning process for me. I booked my very first television role after coaching with him!”

Emily Montague – “Fright Night II,” “Melrose Place”Emily Montague“My coaching experiences with Michael have been beyond wonderful and helpful. I can directly correlate my bookings with my coaching sessions with Michael. He really helps me bring my auditions to life, allowing me to showcase what I personally have to offer for each and every role.”

Rakefet Abergel – “Superbad.” “Shameless”“Michael is my friend, and also a mentor, coach and teacher. We met when he played my dad in Adam Sandler’s movie Just Go With It. I recently coached with him on an audition for Shameless and got the part! Michael has a great eye and explains everything so clearly. Always inspirational, always professional and extremely talented as an actor, coach and teacher.”

Rachae Thomas – “Lie To Me”

R_Thomas_1663_e“Finding Michael has been a dream come true for me in LA.Michael has become my teacher, as well as my mentor and friend. He’s all about sheer authenticity and trusting yourself and your unique process. The truth found there is enough. For me it was like a light bulb went on. I didn’t really need anyone’s answers except my own.After my first coaching session with Michael I booked my first quest-starring role on LIE TO ME.”

Melissa Carnell – “Beverly Hills 90210″ Melissa-Carnell-1“Michael Laskin is an invaluable acting coach. Within a couple months of working with him, I signed with a top management company and booked my first TV job. Mr. Laskin is unique as a coach because he understands the world of ‘the artist’ and the world of the ‘professional actor.’ In my experience, most coaches focus on one or the other. Mr. Laskin taught me how to feed both, how to appease my inner artist while still meeting the practical demands of auditioning. I’m very grateful to have found Michael Laskin! I only wish I’d started coaching with him sooner.”

Kirsten Kollender – “Masters of Sex,” Pasadena Playhouse, Rogue Machine Theatre“Michael has a keen, critical and perceptive eye not only for truth, but also for spontaneity and expert story-telling. He often offers an insight into the character that I hadn’t yet found on my own. With Michael’s help I have also grown freer in the audition room, creating a closer pairing of myself with my work. He’s also taught me to throw away the homework and allow something new to happen in the room! I have complete trust in his eye and taste — and I just really like the guy!”

Scott Thomson – “True Blood,” “Big Love”“I had a wonderful coaching session with Michael Laskin for True Blood, where he helped me clarify and deepen the role, and find the joy in the work. Michael’s like an older brother who teaches you how to ride a bike by promising to run with you while you pedal furiously. Then you look back and he’s way down the street cheering you on. Suffice it to say, I BOOKED THE JOB! If you like working with an intelligent, intuitive, supportive, and uncomplicated teacher, Michael is your guy. Take advantage of his experience and wisdom – he’s one of us.”

Fellow artists say:

Jeffrey Tambor – Star of “Transparent,” “Arrested Development,” “The Larry Sanders Show”“There are few who love acting more than Michael Laskin. In his workshop he teaches the craft holistically, by focusing on the actor as well as the acting. In this he is singular and, well… rather amazing.”

John Sayles – Writer-Director “Lone Star,” “Eight Men Out,” The Secret of Roan Inish”“Michael Laskin has an impressive fund of artistic and practical knowledge to share. A ‘working actor’ with experience in theater, television and features, Michael has a well-articulated, non-dogmatic approach to achieving the level of technical skill and emotional openness needed to bring out the best in a performer.”

Maggie Renzi – Producer “Matewan”, Girlfight” etc.“Michael is a teacher who cares about the whole person, the whole artist. It’s what I look for in an actor:  someone who has the professional and personal resources to take care of herself or himself, in all working conditions, without relying on a single path.  I look forward to working with actors who come from this training.”

Joseph Meeks – Dean, College of the Arts, Kennesaw State University“Your gift exceeded our expectations. Your ability to share your vast talent and seasoned experience is unique, and so valuable to young actors. As one of the professors in the theatre department so aptly expressed it, ‘Michael Laskin’s great insight is surpassed only by his great integrity.’ It was a pleasure for me to drop in to your Master Classes and see how captivated the students were with your dynamic teaching style and how instantly transforming your work with them was when they followed your direction and insightful comments.”

Gasper Patrico – writer/producer Intersection Studio“I was invited to audit one of Michael’s classes that started with (special guest) Jeffrey Tambor unplugged and unguarded, sharing his essence and point of view as an artist. Didn’t know what to expect and came away buzzing at the experience of his authentic voice. It was a privilege to hear Jeffrey share the insight and wisdom gained over decades of struggling to be in the story of his own choosing. And a delight to hear of Michael and Jeffrey’s adventures working together. Jeffrey’s presence there was a testament to his regard for Michael and his work as an actor and teacher. My partners and I continue to talk about this weeks later. Made me want to take the class.”

Tony Abatemarco – Actor, director, (Broadway, West End), and teacher

“I cannot think of a better way to get a leg up in the business of our Industry or the craft of our profession than under Michael Laskin’s tutelage.”

Joanna Rubiner

“I hadn’t taken an acting class in over 22 years. The only reason I took one was because it was Michael Laskin. My respect for him drew me to the class; his teaching skills kept me there.”

Agents and Managers say:

Marsha McManus – Principal Entertainment

“I have known Michael Laskin as an actor and a coach for a while now. I am always pleased to recommend him to an actor because my trust in him is huge and I have seen immediate results. My clients feel safe in his hands.”

Bernie Carneol and Belle Zwerdling – Progressive Artists Agency

“Michael Laskin works with both the actor’s skill set and the audition process during his private coaching sessions. Being an actor, his compassion is paramount. We have had great success with the amount of booking of roles after his coaching.”

Tracy Steinsapir – Main Title Entertainment

“We send a lot of our clients to Michael for coaching. We get consistently excellent feedback about the auditions he has coached, not to mention great feedback from our clients about their work with Michael. He’s the real deal. I would have no hesitation recommending him to anyone.”

Kelly Garner – Pop Art Management

“My greatest worry is that an acting coach looks at material and tries to interpret what they think the director, writer, and or producer is looking for. I know with Michael Laskin that my client will discover what they themselves bring to the role. He gives them the courage to make incredibly strong choices that are honest and true to themselves, and to the material and the character. That’s all I can ask for, because in that honesty, comes a job.”

Steve Neibert, Agents, Imperium-7

“When our clients need coaching for a big audition, there is only one person we can rely on for consistent, proven, high quality work: Michael Laskin. He truly helps and encourages our clients, resulting in callbacks and eventually booking that part!”

Jo An Kincaid – Kincaid Management

“Michael has coached many of my clients’ auditions on tape for very important opportunities with nothing short of great results. Also, his workshops with true creative masters such as Haskell Wexler have given opportunities not to be measured.”