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“Michael is an excellent acting teacher and coach, and has helped me grow exponentially as an actor.” RJ Mitte, Star of "Breaking Bad"
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Private Coaching

Private coaching can be a powerful and often necessary tool for actors.

Auditions can be a “minefield” for many actors, and we all need some help from time to time navigating this element of our careers.  I refer to it  as “office acting” – which is actually different from acting on stage or on camera.  It’s a unique set of circumstances that have to be approached with specific strategies that free you to be fearless in the face of the many obstacles of the audition process. What is required is the the truth of the scene filtered through your “personal fingerprint”, all compressed into a dynamic few minutes. My coaching clients have a high success rate booking film and television jobs.

Whether it’s for a specific audition (live or filmed), an upcoming job, or simply more intense one-on-one work, I will help you break down the material and develop a strategy for success in the room, or in the filmed audition. First of all, together we a build “roadmap” for the work by connecting in a personal and meaningful way with the material on the page, and honoring the world that the writers have created. Then we identify the core qualities of the character, all the while discovering what part of you is in alignment with them, and where the reach might be greater.

Discover the truth
Make it personal to you
Create confidence

My job is to help instill the confidence you need  to convert opportunities to building blocks for your career.

Coaching once you have the job:  Before shooting a job you already have, breaking down the material is absolutely critical. Developing a strategy for shooting before you begin work is key because once filming begins the sometimes chaotic nature of shooting takes over. Deciding exactly where you impart the key truth of your character is what the close-up is all about.  I will help make the close-up your best friend.  The clarity of your decisions can inform the director and editor about what shape the scene might ultimately take.  It all happens in close-up.

Coaching is about helping make every opportunity for you a chance for real success, in the room, on screen, in your career. I will help you become better, faster.

  • My private coaching rate is $125 per hour.
  • I offer special rates to class members, and those clients who coach with me on a regular basis – please inquire about this.
  • You can coach with me via Skype from anywhere you are in the world.
  • I also offer professionally filmed auditions to my clients.  These are priced according to the time required. I shoot these auditions with a superb cameraman, and they look top-notch.


In person I accept:

  • Cash
  • Checks (made out to ML Studio)
  • Credit cards payment via Square

If you’re not able to pay person I accept:

  • Paypal – payments mailed to my Paypal account: michael@michaellaskinstudio.com