Michael Laskin Studio

“Michael is an excellent acting teacher and coach, and has helped me grow exponentially as an actor.” RJ Mitte, Star of "Breaking Bad"
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Some thoughts on my approach to the “acting-class-culture”:

The Michael Laskin Studio offers class on Wednesdays from 7:30 – 10:30 pm taught solely by me, Michael Laskin.

Unlike many others, I do not offer a large number of differing and tiered classes, taught by different teachers, by choice. This “supermarket” approach:  classes for beginners, teens, cold-reading, advanced, etc. is not a model that I chose to emulate.  While it is perfectly fine for others, it’s not in alignment with my approach to the work, the career, the life. So, I have decidedly taken a “boutique” approach; when you study at my studio you study with me. You are not put into a tiered class, hoping to get into my class eventually. You are in my class.

The premise of my teaching is based on this: “My true education began when I started to actually work as an actor”. Very often there is a disconnect between acting work that is done in class and acting as it’s practiced in the real world. My class is designed to help you eliminate that disconnect. Sharpening your skill-set and mating it with your ever-expanding knowledge of self helps build the bridge from class to the real world – where art meets commerce. Additionally, I always bring in guests to come spend the evening with us.  Past guests have included:

  • John Sayles
  • Alfred Molina
  • Jeffrey Tambor
  • Jim Piddock
  • Ron Perlman
  • Hector Elizondo
  • Camilla Luddington
  • Charlie Haid
  • Haskell Wexler
  • Mark Piznarski
  • Kelen Coleman

The class will always remain a place for experimentation, aspiration, and growth in a safe environment.  And fun….I deeply believe in that above all!

The Camera:

We also regularly work on camera. The goal is that in every 6-class session we have a “Camera Night” where we explore how our work is translating to the camera.  This takes the form of assigned work, exploration, and unique proprietary exercises I’ve developed for working on camera.


This is the class I wish I had then…..knowing what I know now.

It surprises me how many actors can’t really speak with clarity about their process. I will work with you to self-identify: to identify or discover what approach instinctively suits you.  Acting classes are a bit like diets: they ALL work, for a while. Almost every diet will work if you stick to it. But the real question is what can you live with – every day? Discovering that is our job – together.

I teach solid usable techniques, which help open the door to real artistry. A solid technique mated to a newly discovered (or rediscovered) sense of your unique “personal fingerprint” is the difference between good and great. That creates work that is memorable….indelible.

To be clear: I am agnostic when it comes to the various schools of thought about acting training – I believe that whatever process works for you, is the best method. There is no one true path, there are many. “All roads lead to Rome”. But, the point is actually getting to Rome; getting to the truth, using the approach that suits you and feels intuitive.  I will help you find your own path and become your own guide.

My Role: I’m not looking to be a guru.  On the contrary, I’d like be your “creative sherpa” and open you up to the tools that will help you to be your own guru, in art, and in life – which are irrevocably intertwined. I believe that what separates great acting from good acting is when the work becomes deeply personal.  But it is acting. It’s not therapy.  And to be totally transparent, I’m a firm believer in both – just not necessarily in the same time and place. We are the prism through which the character is seen, so we best get acquainted with our selves, learn to like ourselves, and get on with it. I am interested in seeing and meeting you, the dynamic you, the real you.

Remember the first time you were touched by this pursuit? How did you feel the first time you were really great in a play? Remember when you moved the audience and moved yourself as well? That’s how I want you to feel. Again.

Class Details:

  • Admission: Admission to class is only by interview with Michael Laskin.
  • Size: Class will not exceed 20 students at any one time.
  • Price:  Class is currently priced at $300 for 6 classes.
  • Space:  Class is be held at The Pico Playhouse – one of LA’s premier small theatres.
  • Class schedule:  Class is currently held on Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm.
  • Participants: This is an acting class, but we also enthusiastically invite writers and directors to participate as another way to inform their core skills, and lend their talents to work done in class
  • Commitment: You have our personal commitment to bring 100% of ourselves to class.  The same is expected from our students.


In person I accept:

  • Cash
  • Checks (made out to ML Studio)
  • Credit cards payment via Square

If you’re not able to pay person I accept:

  • Paypal – payments mailed to my Paypal account: michael@michaellaskinstudio.com