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“Michael is an excellent acting teacher and coach, and has helped me grow exponentially as an actor.” RJ Mitte, Star of "Breaking Bad"
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This book is the culmination of over thirty years in the profession, and thousands of hours of classroom work and private coaching. Today’s “Authentic Actor” is someone who has merged highly developed skill with their fully examined identity.

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My philosophy: In the world of film and television, the actor’s identity can often be the determining factor of success – often trumping skill and talent. It’s not right or wrong…it just is. “THE AUTHENTIC ACTOR” gives today’s actors the skills, strategies, and mental approach to navigating the intersection of art and commerce.  Being talented is not enough. Talent is just the “price of admission” in a marketplace where, at the professional level, nearly everyone is talented. Defining, refining, and understanding your indelibility as an actor, your “blink-of-an-eye” factor is key. Marrying that with highly developed traditional skills is the portal to success and artistry.

Here’s what others are saying:

  • “Michael Laskin is a shining light, a steady positive example, a genius. “THE AUTHENTIC ACTOR” is a true gift”  –  Jeffrey Tambor
  • “Michael Laskin’s book is a “must-read” for any artist in pursuit of that one truth on their journey toward true success” – David Staithern
  • “There is real gold in this book, real vitality.  Michael Laskin provides the singular approach that defines him first as a Master Artist and as a Master Teacher – Ron Perlman
  • “Michael Laskin’s book speaks to the working actor, the aspiring student, and anyone interested in the techniques and common sense approach to our craft” – Alfred Molina
  • “THE AUTHENTIC ACTOR” probes deeply into both the truth and mystery of the craft, showing how art can be created by hard work, faith and honesty” – Charlie Haid